ChangeTip Introduces Visa & Mastercard Support

Happy Monday,  ChangeTippers! Here’s some news to get you started for the week.                       Are you new to ChangeTip? Do you want to tip people online, but don’t have any bitcoin to transfer in? Perhaps you don’t have a Coinbase account? Well, we have good news for you. We’re making it… Read more →

Important Update

Dear ChangeTip community, We wanted to let you know about some important updates to ChangeTip. We have decided to focus on supporting our most popular services – namely Reddit, Twitter, and Slack, and to remove two of the lesser-used services, Disqus and StockTwits. You will still be able to use ChangeTip on all the social channels that you know and love,… Read more →

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Introducing ChangeTip Contribute

ChangeTip Contribute If things seem a little quiet on our end lately, it’s because we’ve been hard at work with an exciting new project that we think you’ll really appreciate. When you’re surfing the web, do you ever get frustrated by advertisements filling your whole screen, or paywalls preventing you from reading an article? Well, you’re going to love ChangeTip… Read more →

Slack Tipping Just Got 5x Better!

Hey ChangeTippers, We are deprecating our outgoing webhooks integration and moving on with Slack’s new slack commands – Now the best way to send money over Slack! To send a tip, instead of typing changetip: give @buddy a coffee, simply use a slash command instead: /changetip give @buddy a coffee Some of these improvements include: When you tip someone who… Read more →

9 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

It’s exciting to see more and more information surface on the benefits of being grateful. Gratitude can be a very powerful and transformative attitude, both for yourself, and for the people around you. It can cause you to feel better almost immediately, and help you realize quickly all the great things you have in your life.  And that is the easiest way… Read more →

5 Tipworthy Creators

Meet 5 Content Creators on Tipworthy!

  What happens when 5 content creators join forces with Tipworthy to support other artists? Change happens.   Last week Derek Taylor, David Seaman, Shooter Jennings, Luke Rudkowski, and Julia Tourianski joined our Tip Your Hat campaign to raise awareness about financially supporting artists in the Internet space. Each creator became “curator for the day” each day and spreaded ChangeTip… Read more →

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Tip Your Hat to Tipworthy Content

Every day you see something online that moves you: to tears, to laughter, to make a donation, to share with a friend. Most of the time the only way to show your appreciation for that video, song, or cause is by liking or retweeting it. Until now. Enter Tipworthy: the ultimate way to acknowledge and reward your favorite creators, makers,… Read more →


#OneSafePregnancy: Donate Directly with ChangeTip and Direct Relief

Part of ChangeTip’s mission is to change the world through the accumulation of small, individual actions: tipping content creators and causes in whatever small amounts we can easily afford until it adds up to the reward they deserve. The Internet is a world of independent thinkers and writers and activists – ChangeTip makes it possible to support them without needing… Read more →

christian williams

Have You Seen “Evolving Into Bitcoin” Yet?

Christian Williams is our head of user experience here at ChangeTip. We’ve blogged about him before.  He’s the guy who holds a Guinness Book of World Records Record for eating the most chicken nuggets in the least amount of time; the guy who invented the Bacone (drools on keyboard); and the guy who won on The Price is Right, amongst other incredible things.… Read more →


Thanks for Sharing Your Independence Day with ChangeTip!

We had an overwhelming response to our invitation to share 4th of July with us and win $25 over ChangeTip. We loved seeing you celebrate from all around the United States! Thank you to everyone to participated. Here are the winning photos! I love these guys they made my day and is happy to be involved with @ChangeTip #Happy4thJuly #TipMe… Read more →